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Protection For Your Drivers & Passengers
Protect your passengers and drivers with our unique, durable, impermeable shield that creates a protective barrier to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Provide your passengers and drivers with an additional method of protection against Covid-19 and give them the confidence to travel again.


High UV,

Polyester Fabric

CabinShield is made with a strong high-UV polyester fabric that can withstand high temperatures in the summer, and freezing temperatures in the winter.  


Non-Porous &

Water Repellent

CabinShield has a polyurethane coating that makes it water-repellent for extra durability. Its water repellent feature prevents absorption of bacteria and viruses, making it the perfect shield for Covid-19. Additionally, it is easy to wipe clean and maintain.

CabinShield Vinyl@4x.png

Durable, Transparent Vinyl Window

CabinShield has a non-porous, durable, and transparent vinyl window that allows for passenger and driver visibility and communication.  It is easy to maintain and keep clean. Simply wipe with disinfectant and ensure the health of your drivers and passengers.


Currently Available For:

  • Ford  Transit Passenger Van

  • Ford Ecoline E-150

  • Ford Ecoline E-250

  • Ford Ecoline E-350


Order CabinShield for your fleet today!

Volume discount pricing available. 
Call 772-343-0217 to order.
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