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Orlando International Airport (MCO) Bus Stop

Terminal A_MCO_Stop 44-45_edited.jpg

Go to our stop at Orlando International Airport (MCO) to take our shuttle:

1. Go to Terminal A

2. Ground Transportation on Level 1

3. Go to Stop Number A 44. 

IMPORTANT: This is the only location to board Smart Shuttle Line buses at the Orlando International airport.

Follow the airport posted signs to Terminal A from Terminal B or C to get to this location.

Getting to Terminal A from Terminal C

1. In Terminal C, go to Baggage Claim (Level 6) and exit baggage claim to the curbside outside
2. Walk to the doors marked as C48-C49
2 a.jpg
3. Wait on the curbside by the sign that says "Terminals A, B Shuttle"
4. Take Shuttle to Terminal B
5. The bus will drop you off at Terminal B. When you get to Terminal B, go inside the Terminal and take the elevator or mechanical stairs to Level 3.

6. Follow the posted signed to cross the terminal to get to Terminal A.

7. Once you get to Terminal A, take the elevator down to Level 1, Ground Transportation.

8. At Level 1, exit to the curbside and walk to Bus Stop 44.
Terminal A_MCO_Stop 44-45_edited.jpg
Please ask airport staff for directions if you need assistance getting to this location.
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