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How do I purchase a ticket? 


We are currently taking our passengers by confirmed reservation only. Tickets may be purchased by calling us directly at 772-343-0217 or online. We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and VISA. Please keep in mind that boarding and available seating is on a first come-first serve basis if a previous reservation has not been made. 


When should I arrive at the bus stop? 


In order to ensure on-time departures, we kindly ask that you arrive at your designated stop 15 minutes prior to boarding time. 


What happens if my flight is canceled or delayed and I miss my scheduled shuttle?


We know that the holidays are usually times of high volume travel, and this is not made easier when flights are canceled and delayed. If you booked a trip with SMART Shuttle, here are a few action steps you should take when you are at the airport and your flight is delayed arriving to MCO:

  • Be sure to call us before you board your delayed flight to let us know that you will not be arriving to MCO on time. As we operate on a scheduled service, this will alert us that you will not be boarding your scheduled shuttle and we can do our best to accommodate you on the next available shuttle. Please note that not all shuttles may be available and some shuttles may be sold out. 

  • When you delayed to MCO, you should call us to let us know of your arrival, and we will update you on what shuttles are available to you if you miss your scheduled departing shuttle with us. 

  • If your delayed flight arrives late in the evening, and the last shuttle has departed for the day, you are welcome to take the first departing shuttle out of MCO the next day. 


Can I bring my pet and are there any extra charges to do so? 


Small pets are allowed to board any Smart Shuttle Bus as long as they are carried inside proper carrying containers and cages. Service animals are also allowed within any Smart Shuttle Bus. There are no extra charges or fees for traveling pets.


Can I bring a child seat for my toddler or infant to ride the bus?


Yes, child seats are permitted within all Smart Shuttle Buses, and in order to occupy the seat, there will be a child fare charged for the infant or toddler.


Florida law requires children age 5 and under to be secured properly in a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint device. It is your responsibility to bring the appropriate child seat for your child. Smart Shuttle Line does not provide child seats and may deny boarding any passengers that cannot properly secure traveling children for safety.


How many bags am I allowed to carry on the bus?


Every passenger is allowed one carry-on bag and one personal bag within the cabin of the bus along with one luggage bag that does not exceed 50 pounds to be placed in the luggage compartment in the back of the bus. All other bags that must be placed in the rear luggage compartment will be subject to an extra charge of $10 per bag, per trip.

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