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Smart Shuttle Line, Inc.

Connecting Hearts, Lives and Communities - The SMART Way

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Smart Shuttle Line, Inc. in the Press:
"So What's the SMART Idea?" by Wendy J.D.--Vero Beach


Vero Beach—It’s not a limousine service. Its not a taxi service. Its not public transportation. So what is Smart Shuttle Line?

There has been a lot of hum and buzz about this new shuttle service operating within the Southeast coast of Florida. Smart Shuttle Line, Inc. is a small, family owned trasportation service that operates with a new and unique philosophy, unlike any other transportation service available to the residents and tourists that pass through this area.

We all remember carpooling to and from school, soccer practice, and ballet rehearsal week after week when we were kids—and some of us still do with our children and grandchildren. Take this idea of carpooling, bring in a some comfortable shuttles and some friendly staff, and you get Smart Shuttle Line, Inc.

The concept is simple: if several travers need to get to and from the airport at the same time, then why not share the ride and cut the costs?

For this reason, Smart Shuttle Line has created a set schedule of eight round trips daily to and from the Orlando International Airport, such that travelers may be able to reserve a seat on a shuttle that most closely matches their departure and arrival times. The Shuttle picks up passengers in strategically located stops along the Florida Turnpike and I-95 in order to provide service that is both on-schedule and convenient for any traveler.

The concept goes even further: the shuttle will only stop to pick up passengers if the passengers have made their reservations at least one day in advance for a particular pick up time. If there are no passengers to be picked up at a particular stop, the shuttle will continue on its highway route without stopping. "This is ideal for passengers because it helps reduce the time they spend on the bus, and are provided with a more direct service," explains Jorge Dueri, Assistant Manger and Senior Customer Service Specialist at Smart Shuttle Line, Inc.

But wait, there’s more. If a passenger does not wish to be picked up at a designated stop and would prefer door-to-door service, Smart Shuttle Line can help with an Express Trip. With its network of connections to other small, privately owned car services, one may also customize the pick-up and drop-off time and place. Although this service is somewhat pricier than sharing a shuttle with other travelers, some prefer the door-to-door service for many personal reasons.

So what does this all mean for the average traveler? When viewed with the lense of today’s financially conscious consumer, traveling with Smart Shuttle Line can mean savings of up to $440.00. How So? Smart Shuttle Line offers connections to and from the PBI and MCO airports for the cities of Palm Beach, Jupiter, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Ft. Pierce, Vero Beach, Sebastian, Palm Bay, Melbourne, Cocoa, and Orlando. The average driving time for a resident of one of these cities to get to either airport is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. For the average resident, this is a long, timely, and in some cases, very costly undertaking—just to arrive at the airport.

With no other transportation services available to the many travelers of this region, the estimated cost to get to the airport can range anywhere between $150 to $220—and that’s just for a one-way fare to the airport.

The promise that Smart Shuttle Line offers is convenience without the high price. An average fare for a seat on any Smart Shuttle ranges from $30 to $50, one-way, per person, depending on the stop and distance to the airport.

So for the economically conscious traveler, riding with Smart Shuttle Line to and from the airports will not crush the wallet. Rather, one may find peace of mind in a service that is economical, professional, and reliable.

"Like any new business, we are ironing out all the wrinkles, finding ways to better serve the needs of our clients, while maintaining a service focused on both quality and value," adds Dueri.

Reservations and inquiries can be made by calling 321-409-5114, as well as visiting their website to view a full schedule of routes and fares at


Read "Smart Shuttle Comes to Vero Fashion Outlets:
The New Smart Shuttle is a Smart Choice for Transportation"
"Smart Shuttle Line, Inc. is a new shuttle bus company that began service in April of 2009. The main office is located in the City of Melbourne in Brevard County. The main focus of Smart Shuttle is to provide transportation for visitors and residents who want to travel to and from Melbourne down to West Palm Beach and the regions in between. The shuttles make regular stops at: Melbourne International Aiport, Vero Beach Fashion Outlets, Jai Alai in Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, West Palm Beach International Airport, and the Tri-Rail in West Palm Beach.

Smart Shuttle has created a convenient and regular service for visitors and area residents. The focus is to eliminate the need for passengers to find independent transportation to the airports and to area attractions.

Smart Shuttle charges a low, affordable, and fixed rate.It is more convenient for passengers to choose Smart Shuttle for their main transportational needs to and from the airport, as well as for visitors and residents who would like to travel between counties.For schedules and more information, contact 321-409-5114 or visit"

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TC Palm by Monique Mattiace
May 4, 2009
" — A new shuttle service is offering lower-cost transportation between West Palm Beach and Melbourne."
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June 19, 2009
"A new shuttle service is offering low rates to and from Orlando.Smart Shuttle Line Inc., a Melbourne-based company, started its services on the Treasure Coast area to add independent transportation to the airports and area attractions at an affordable rate."